Zowasel.com Limited is a registered  agricultural technology company with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission with RC. 1184900, and operator of peer-to-peer support platform “Growsel.com”. 

Our Vision
Changing lives, building opportunities 

Our Mission 
Simplifying agriculture through technology and peer-to-peer lending.

Kindness is Powerful!

We provide opportunity and platform for people to help people to help themselves through peer-to-peer crowdfunding and support to grow their money while changing lives, building opportunities for themselves and their families.

In collaboration with our field partners - Trustee, we organise workshops, demonstrations and field days to spread knowledge on global agricultural best practices far and wide across local communities in rural Nigeria.


In most rural communities, poor performance of smallholder farmers can be attributed to:

  • High rates of poverty
  • Lack of knowledge on the benefits of global best practices 
  • Poor cultivation techniques
  • Weak functioning of value chains
  • Lack of access to quality agri-inputs
  • Lack of access to funds 
  • Lack of access to crop insurance protection 
  • Lack of access to market 

In this challenging environment, knowledge transfer is a precondition for improvement of local farmers' productivity and the development of competitive markets in agri-inputs, including global best practices. 


  • Training on global agricultural best practices 
  • Access to quality enhanced agri-inputs and tools
  • Access to crowd-funding 
  • Access to crop insurance and relevant protection 
  • Access to market and complete value chains

We are aimed at empowering and supporting millions of financially excluded smallholder farmers throughout Africa, who have the farming skills, creativity and drive to cultivate or grow their crops, but lack the funding, best practices and technology they need.