Zowasel is the 2018 Winner, Visa's Everywhere Initiative (VEI) on Financial Inclusion Challenge for Sub-Saharan Africa. The 2018 Visa's Everywhere Initiative is the first edition in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the “Financial Inclusion” challenge award since the (VEI) was launched in 2015.

Visa's Everywhere Initiative is a global award aimed at startups and designed to encourage the development of the next big thing in payments solutions.   

Zowasel is solving the problems of high cost of lending and low access to institutional finance to smallholder farmers across Africa. 

Zowasel is an agricultural financial technology company providing access to finance, enhanced farm-inputs, best practices and market access at affordable rates to under-financed smallholder farmers without hassles through mobile and local partners.

We offer simple approach to solving smallholder farmers’ challenges  through our platforms below:

Growsel - an online agricultural crowdfunding and out grower platform that connects under-financed smallholder farmers with lenders, enhanced agricultural inputs and market access at affordable rates without hassles through mobile and local partners 

Growforce - an online/offline farm mapping and biometric solution to aid farm and farmer verification, farm tracking and data analysis to eliminate fraud and defaults across agriculture. Intelligence software designed for DFI, BFI and NGOs to aid identification management, loan disbursement, input monitory, and farm management.

Marketplace - an online agricultural inputs and grain marketplace that connects and provides access to underserved Base of the Pyramid (BoP) smallholder farmers with no internet access, online payments and delivery infrastructure to access enhanced inputs and markets access through mobile and local franchise partners across local communities.

Zowasel converts fundraised on it platform to enhanced agricultural inputs and crop insurance across to farmers through local partners called Trustees, who are charged to manage the farmers by way of proving extension services and oversight for a token.

In collaboration with field partners, Zowasel organise workshops, farm demonstrations and field days to spread knowledge, educate and coach these farmers on best practice to help improve efficiency, sustainability and increased yield. 

To enable lenders get back their money, Zowasel works with a network of local off-takers who are readily available to buy farm produce at harvest from these farmers.

Zowasel.com Limited RC. 1184900.